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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Under way

I'll start the blog in Schipohl airport (Amsterdam) my first landing place in Europe this morning.

Flight over went by fairly quickly. Time for a coffee and a bit of reading before catching the flight to Düsseldorf for the last leg of this part. My friend, Jim, was there to meet me and shepard me into town on the train and subway.

Then a quick tour through the old town part of Düsseldorf. It's very cutesy with that classic German architecture, cobbled streets, mostly closed off to cars, a big section of shops in a public market style and many cafes.

Then a stroll along the Rhine, lots of people out strolling, enjoying the sunshine, drinking beer.
I was happy to see good bike infrastructure and lots of people of all kinds on bicycles, without lycra and helmets mostly.

In the evening my hosts, Jim and Heike, and I went out for dinner at a little pub/restaurant on a block full of bars and restaurants that was thronged with people inside and out, all madly swilling beer and talking as loudly as possible. Apparently this is a normal, every day happening, nothing special.

After dinner jet lag set in and that was the end of day one.









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