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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Cappadocia - day three

Day three dawned overcast and cold. Temperatures were around 5 - 7C during the day and at our below freezing for our stay but it's very dry, when not raining, so it wasn't too bad. We decided to explore Rose Valley, reputed to be one of the most scenic. We weren't disappointed. Every bend in the trail revealed wondrous sights. Here's some of them:


One of the best things about hiking the valleys of Cappadocia is the absence of crowds, or many people at all really and Rose Valley, despite its reputation for beauty was very quiet. After two or three hours hiking, we wound up at the Göreme Open Air Museum, one of the most highly recommended places for it's many cave churches. This is a paid attraction and very crowded. We would have probably enjoyed it more if we had done it before our hike. After the hours in relative solitude in Rose Canyon, we were put off by the hoards of cigarette smoking, selfie taking tourists. No photos were allowed in the churches so, aside from a couple I snuck, I didn't take any.

We didn't linger and found another loop of the Rose Canyon trail and slowly made our way home.

We hadn't had any good food in Göreme and that night was no exception. With high hopes we sought out the place rated #1 on Trip Advisor, Topdeck restaurant. With high hopes we dragged ourselvesl up the steep street only to find it closed. Despite the huge number of restaurants, they were pretty much all the same touting special Anatolian cooking but they were, in fact, quite mediocre at best. That night was no exception. We'd put on lots of miles that day so wound down at home early.


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