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Saturday, November 1, 2014


Ephesus began in the 10th century BC and, in its hay day, had over 250,000 inhabitants. After almost 150yrs of excavation, it is the most complete classical metropolis in Europe, and still 85% is yet to be uncovered. Lots of info on Google if you're interested. It's short distance to the coast gives easy access for the cruise ships and the day before our visit, there were 20 ships in. So, yes, it was crowded. Kinda like the Istanbul tram.

But a beautiful site nonetheless. You just have to try to stay focused on the antiquities though at times I felt a bit claustrophobic.

Nike - find the swoosh
Inside a terrace house
The library
Telling it like it is

Returning to Selcuk, we lunched at the same place, spent some time on the rooftop terrace at Homeros, passed the afternoon lazily and ended a nice stay. Tomorrow Pamukkale.














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