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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Mexico City revisited 2

The first thing I did after putting Phyllis on the plane was to borrow Alfonso's bike system card and head off for a ride. I no longer remember the order of where I went or what I did over the next days but it was nice to be biking again. So, this will be a rather scattered account of my time here as it's kind of a blur. Cycling around the neighbourhood one day I came upon what I discovered was an Alebrijes competition. Alebrijes are carved and brightly painted wooden figures of all sizes originating in Oaxaca. Some are of animals, frogs, chickens, deer, and some of fantastical creatures. These ones were huge, made of paper mâché and other material. There were hundreds of them displayed in the middle of a boulevard. Quite an arresting sight.

The caption on this one is, "My First Alebrijes"





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