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Friday, March 13, 2015

Back to Mexico

A beautiful bus ride from Otavalo to my hotel near the airport in Quito. Volcan Cayambe was revealed and very beautiful but I wasn't able to get any shots of it so ripped one off from the internet.

Early morning flight to Bogota and a long taxi ride through rush hour traffic to my airbnb that I thought was located near the airport. Apparently not. It was located in a very uninteresting part of town, a modern high rise condo tower in the midst of other modern high rise condo towers next door to an army base.

My cozy little accommodation


A sterile, cultureless, greenless neighborhood.

My host, Santaigo, was a nice enough young man and made me welcome. The room was fine and it turned out that he shared the flat with his mother, Maria. We chatted over coffee and it was revealed that his vocation was a toreador. I digested that for a moment. Did I hear right? A bullfighter? Yes indeed. That's why there were all those bullfight posters on the walls. Some people hang them as decoration but, no, there was his name on them. Most unusual. I was nonplussed and hope I didn't show my repugnance. Torturing and killing animals for sport and entertainment is not my idea of ethical employment. Oh well, whatever. So he divides his time between Colombia, where there is some bullfighting action, and Spain. His mom worries a lot, she revealed to me. My stay there was pretty much just killing time awaiting my flight to Mexico City so my interaction with Santiago and his mom was minimal and I was happy when the time came to head for the airport. Somehow it was just too much effort to attempt conversation with them in Spanish. Another one of those brain farts on departure. A few blocks from their place in the taxi, my train of thought lit on my iPad. My iPad.......hmmmm. Checked the place in my backpack where the iPad goes and, no iPad. Shit! Turn the cab around! Back to the apt and, yes, there it was. Yet another bullet dodged. Kinda makes you wonder.....

An easy, uneventful flight to Mexico City, (check out the leg room on this low fare Mexican airline. And, decent food and lots of it!)

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