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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Colonia Roma Norte, DF

Posts are coming fast and furious now being housebound here in Guanajuato, 8 degrees C, driving rain for the last two days. The main difference between here and home is that, at home there's a thermostat to turn on. Incentive to get caught up on the blog between hand warmings.
Things that I like about my neighbourhood in Mexico City
Architecture old and new
Tree-lined boulevards
Parks and green spaces
Quirky stuff
Wifi in the park
Friendly hipsters



  1. Hola El Dedo,
    The dude in the park with the cowboy hat is flipping you the bird. You have become famous already and instantly recognized by the locals.
    Soon a large middle finger will be erected in the park with the words beneath.

    El Dedo Was Here

    Take care and see you soon---------Harry

  2. Hola El Dedo,
    Don 't worry about Allende. Everyone from Guanajuato to Queretaro knows that he's. A coward, a pendejo, and a bad shot. If he tried to blow your head off, he'd miss and probably just blow a hole in the crotch of your pants. So what if you have to buy a new pair of pants. Tranquilo Amigo