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Friday, March 20, 2015

Kim's visit

A couple of weeks into my stay, my niece, Kim, came to visit from North Carolina. She had broached the idea of hooking up somewhere during my travels and I thought that Guanajuato would be ideal. We've never spent a lot of time together but I thought we'd be pretty compatible and, as it turned out, we had a great time together. From the different directions our lives have taken it might be assumed we wouldn't have a lot in common, she having been career US Army special forces, me US Army draft dodger but nothing could have been further from the truth. I guess, for one thing, family trumps many differences and for another she's a pretty amazing woman. We never ran out of conversation.

A hike together:

Cave ceiling
A hike with a group:
A partially abandoned mining town - much mining is still done in Guanajuato. In its heyday, as much as a fifth or the world's silver was mined here.
Rooftop cactus
After hike reward, for some. Prawns, lime and salsa-topped beer was the specialty of the house at this street vendor in town as well as complimentary ceviche tostadas.




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