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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Guanajuato again

Back to Guamote, I missed posting the mango choir

The mango choir in Guamote - they really start cookin at around :90
Once again I bid farewell to Alfonso and Mexico City and boarded the bus to Guanajuato. A happy reunion at Casa Bertha with some old friends, great weather and wonderful view of the pretty, little town from the rooftop terrace.
Most years a Swiss couple from Parksville, Vancouver Island spend a few months in Guanajuato. Avid hikers, Paul and Lisa, have explored the area thoroughly and lead weekly hikes in the mountains around Guanajuato.
My first hike with them this year started at the pretty little town mountain of Santa Rosa a half hours bus ride away.
We walked a big loop from the town through oak forests, nice easy hiking with lovely views, ending back in Santa Rosa.
As we were eating at a restaurant there,
Lisa suddenly went deathly pale and became unresponsive. We were naturally alarmed. Heat stroke? Heart attack? We got blankets, laid her down, took pulse, even dug up a blood pressure cuff. Nothing unusual showed but she needed to get back to town so we called a cab and waited. And waited. And waited. No cab. So we called an ambulance. On true Mexican time, they sped to the scene an hour and a half later and a couple of paramedics looked her over. They were pretty professional, especially the female of the two who also spoke good English, but didn't find anything significant. So they gave us a card and instructed Lisa to contact them if she didn't improve. Then the cab arrived, also on Mexican time evidently, and we put Lisa and Paul in it and sent them home. (Lisa seems to have completely recovered and we hiked again yesterday, two weeks after the incident.) So it was a rather subdued group of us who returned to town, our awareness of our vulnerability and age heightened by the experience. What if one of us did have a heart attack out in the wilds?
The days in Guanajuato fell into their usual rhythm: walks around town, hiking in the hills surrounding town, checking out the new exhibits at galleries, hearing music, food shopping, afternoon drinks, cribbage and conversation on the rooftop terrace and the weather was perfect.
Around town:



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  1. Hola El Dedo,
    Fantastic shot of that luna llena perched on that tree. How many hours did you sit there with your cerveza in hand waiting for that perfect shot?
    Speaking of perfect shots, that building with interior stained glass is magnificient. What is it? I have rarely seen stained glass that looks so delicate and gorgeous. It isn't overpowering like so much religious glass can be----Wow!

    Hasta pronto, su amigo, Harry