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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Otavalo odds and ends

This is some kind of cultural centre that was never open when I was there but is an interesting building. Judging from the huge cross next to it, I suspect it has some sort of evangelical connection.


Street art seems to be getting more and more wide spread in Latin America.


I don't know what they do to their produce here but it's humongous
A church




The perennial corn and beans


Otavalo has a major greenhouse rose production industry
Examples of what I consider some of the ugliest architecture ever devised
Almost all building is done with brick or cinder block. The degree of affluence is reflected in the degree of "tarting up" of the facade. Curved, blue glass is big. On really upscale places, the stucco extends to the sides and back.
The alley behind my hotel



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