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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Otavalo - Carnival

As in much of Latin America, Carnival is a big deal in Otavalo. There were music and dance performances,


a foot race, and so on. One of the other signature features of the carnival season is the custom of throwing some sort of harmless (mostly) substance on other people, e.g. water (by the bucket, water balloons, squirt guns), paint, eggs, flour and,

in Otavalo, this foam stuff that is sprayed out of cans.


On my first visit to Otavalo two years ago, on my first day in town, I was treated to a performance by the municipal Latin jazz band in the main playa. I thought they were very good and was hoping for a chance to see them again so was happy to see that they were part of the Carnival entertainment and were just as good as I remember them.


There were also several local bands doing more traditional Andean music. They were pretty much interchangeable in terms of material and instrumentation but this young percussionist caught my eye.



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