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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Mexico - third time

Great to be back in Mexico City and Anys Hostal again.

First priority: the bike system pass; second priority: food. Alfonso provided the pass the morning after my arrival and I headed off through the familiar neighbourhoods to do some shopping at the mercado and generally bask in the energy of this city I've become so fond of.

Shopping done and lunch time approaching, I grabbed a bike and headed off toward the Centro to Mi Fonda Lupita for some of the superb mole that Lupita makes. I arrived at the closest bike station to find it full. This is not uncommon and one of the flaws in these types of bike share systems. At that point you are faced with the choice of waiting in hopes that someone will check out a bike, thus liberating a space or trying to find another station with space before your alloted 45 minutes elapse. I opted for the latter and, using the map at the station that showed nearby stations, went looking. I realized I had made a wrong turn right away but, what with the usual traffic gridlock and warren of one way streets, I just plowed ahead hoping I'd find a station, weaving in and out of the traffic in competition with the motorcycles doing the same. I wound up riding a long harrowing way to a station I knew, found a space and walked a long way back to the restaurant. The mole compensated. Next day's highlight was a taco lunch at a favourite place that I thought made good tacos but whose draw was the quality of their salsas. An especially good habaƱero salsa. Very fresh, very fiery. After several satisfying tacos, I went across the street to the rooftop terrace cafe of the library overlooking the Aztec ruins and nursed a beer.

The following day was bike Sunday, always a fun event.

I rode up and down the lovely, big, tree lined Paseo de la Reforma with the throngs of other cyclists and walkers and joggers and skaters,

stopping to watch the yoga and jazzercize classes,

volleyball games

and bike tricksters.

I'd worked up a good appetite and eagerly headed for Bravo Loncheria, a restaurant I'd read about, noted for its outstanding tortas. (A torta is a sandwich usually on a crusty bun, a Mexican staple.) I wasn't disappointed. Following the recommendation in the article I'd read, I ordered the oxtail torta stuffed with succulent marinated oxtail, goat cheese and yam. One of the finest things I've eaten anywhere.




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  1. Cuidate El Dedo,
    You'll be called El Dedo Gordo if you don't learn to curb your desire for that fattening mexican food. Although, I must admit thati can't control myself either.

    Must sem like you're already home when you are in D.F.

    See you soon-----------------Harry